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Beginning with


With the exception of some second hand models for sale on the "O" gauge pages, we design and manufacture our prototype models using readily available hobbyist's equipment and free design software. Most 3d models are produced in Autodesk 123D Design, or similar, and are produced from publicly available reference material, and our own photographs and measurements taken from the real thing.

Class 20 Chassis.png

Our E.E. Type 1 B.R. Class 20 VM32-CL20 work underway

Drawn on 123D, this locomotive body will be 3d printed and hand finished as a prototype, then patterns will be produced for moulding and kit production, with fine detailing parts cast from 3d resin printed patterns in a variety of materials, but predominantly resin and brass. It is hoped that Fosworks Class 20 bogies, sound and radio will be incorporated in our RTR versions.

Crane W-irons.jpg

Producing prototype parts

We use a mixture of traditional hand tools, machine tools and 3d printers in SLA and DLP formats to create prototype models. These prototypes are usually sold on to customers, whilst parts are the made into patterns for moulding and casting in a variety of materials. We also use commercial etching services and casting services to produce components to our specification.

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