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Here you'll find details of projects underway or in the planning stages as the partnership

develops new products for the garden railway scene.

Latest Projects

Here you'll find the latest news on the projects currently underway. If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our current or future projects then please don't hesitate to contact us.......  we're quite friendly, really.

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1/32nd Class 37

The high definition 3D printed patterns have arrived and are undergoing hand finishing before being moulded and cast to produce 37/0 and 37/1 proto bodies. Refurbished loco variants will follow these next year, or to order only.

Hymek in dev.png

You voted for it!

We're on with the second of our Diesel Hydraulic classes with the ever popular Class 35 Type 3 "Hymek". The locomotive was the most popular choice after the Class 37 which was already underway, so on we go!


From Dreadnought to Fearless!

Thanks to the support of the Class 50 Alliance we are fast-tracking the development of our 1/32nd and Gauge 3 models of the English Electric Type 4, Class 50 which is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Prototype body prints should be forthcoming shortly to whet the appetite for more! Bogies are largely done as for Class 37, plus mods.

From plans to prototyping - Class 37's in the workshop.

VMG3-EM1 Class 76 Bo-Bo DC Woodhead Electric

Gauge 3 EM1 Class 76 is in development. We plan to have prototype models available in early 2023.


VM32-D1000p - Class 52 "WESTERN" C-C Diesel Hydraulic

This is the prototype kit developed as a laminate body over 3d printed body former and is not recommended for beginners who should look to the forthcoming VM32-D1000r kit with resin cast body.

2021-08-07 18.08.17.jpg

VMGO - "O" Gauge China Clay TTA

O Gauge wagon - prototype for forthcoming kit of the Clayliner TTA slurry set - Burngullow to Sittingbourne paper mill.


VMG3 - Class 08 Diesel Shunter

Prototyping underway. 

32nd 08.jpg

VM32-EM1 Class 76 Bo-Bo DC Woodhead Electric

The 1/32nd EM1 will follow the Gauge 3 model in mid 2023.

Pantograph Shop.jpg

VM32-76t Steam Crane -
Cowens & Sheldon

Frames, axle-boxes and springing for the pressure relieving bogies.

Pressure relieving bogies.png

VM32-CL03 - BR Class 03
Diesel Mechanical Shunter

The 1/32nd and Gauge 3 models in development.

Class 03#1.jpg

VM32 - "Shark" Brake Van

The first Sharks have been printed in PLA+ testing for fit. This should be one of our first wagin releases in 2023.



original (4).jfif

Gauge 1/32nd BR Class 40

English Electric Type 4

Diesel Electric

Due March 2025

Kit From:

£ tbc

In The Works
Courier in Blue - Photoshopped.jpg

Gauge 1 - 1/32nd Scale
BR Class 52

British Railways "WESTERN"

Diesel Hydraulic

A second batch of kits will be made available in 2024

Kits ONLY From:


In The Works

Gauge 3
BR Class 22

North British "Baby Warship"

Diesel Hydraulic

Due 2025

RTR Only From:

£ tbc

Artwork underway
2017-01-12 17.42.44.jpg

Gauge 1/32nd BR Class 37

English Electric Type 3

Diesel Electric

37/0, 37/1 and 37/4 kits will again be available in 2024. 

Kit From:



Gauge 1/32nd
BR Class 50

English Electric Type 5

Diesel Electric

Prototyping due commenced in 2023.

Kits will be made available on completion.

Kit From:

£ tbc

Drawings underway
original (2).jfif

Gauge 1/32nd
BR Class 25

Sulzer Type 2

Diesel Electric

Due 2025

Kit From:


Artwork underway
Class 20 20102021#4_edited.png

Gauge 1/32nd BR Class 20

English Electric Type 1

Diesel Electric

Kits - December 2024

Kit From:

£ tbc

In The Works

Gauge 1/32nd
BR Class 35

Beyer-Peacock Type 3 "Hymek"

Diesel Hydraulic

Delayed development pending completion of Classes 08 and 55

Kit From:

£ tbc

In the Works

Gauge 1/32nd
BR Class 55

English Electric Type 5

Production "DELTIC"

Diesel Electric

Due 2025 - Limited to 22 Production models only


£ tbc

Drawings underway
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